Haiku 17221

I leaned in a kiss
Moon, yellow spirals of lace
Runway diverted
~ Eugenio Saenz Jr.



I pause curbside,
Listen to a story of loss,
Being told on the radio,
I shutter my eyelids,
To stop tears,
I think why,
Is it the story,
Or me being emotional,
Over something simple,
I can’t recall,
But remember it was loneliness,
That filled me, but why,
I’m a Lone Wolf,
Longing for a mate,
But not just anyone,
I’ve longed for you,
Black waves of hair,
Skin layered bronze,
Accentuated curves,
Prominent nose,
Calm ocean cheeks,
Cleopatra eyes,
And a mind that dazzles imagination,
With exploration and dreams,

But again I ask why the tears over a story I can’t recall,
Maybe it’s because of the one thing you said I do recall,
“I’m the best you ever had.”

~ Recall, Eugenio Saenz Jr.

Let Us Live, A Poem

Let go motionless land,
Cities and streets,
Let me find a coast,
Welcoming sea,

Let me wave bye,
To mountain peaks,
Grasslands wave farewell,
Perilous material bonds,

Let me explore,
Wander out beyond tides,
Visiting coastal ports,
Giving in to undercurrents,

Come with me siren, let stars deploy our journey,
Let us live out days in joyous arms of you and me

Let Us Live, Eugenio Saenz Jr.