Haiku 17210

Haiku 17210
I don’t want to say,
How much my heart swells for you,
Afraid you’ll depart
~ Eugenio Saenz Jr.


Let Us Live, A Poem

Let go motionless land,
Cities and streets,
Let me find a coast,
Welcoming sea,

Let me wave bye,
To mountain peaks,
Grasslands wave farewell,
Perilous material bonds,

Let me explore,
Wander out beyond tides,
Visiting coastal ports,
Giving in to undercurrents,

Come with me siren, let stars deploy our journey,
Let us live out days in joyous arms of you and me

Let Us Live, Eugenio Saenz Jr.

Haiku 16552

“Haiku 16552”
Note on my window,
Pick her up, Terminal E,
Her embrace was stowed

~ Eugenio Saenz Jr. 

Haiku 16460

Our lives lose meaning,
When we place hate at the front,
Arrive with your heart ~ Eugenio Saenz Jr.

Haiku 16457

“Haiku 16457”
Wherever you are,
Wherever travels take you,
My love follows you
~ Eugenio Saenz Jr.
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Coffee Cup Of Dreams

Oceans reflect the skies
Our faces in our eyes
You in my heart
But me in yours, dies

Life’s carousel we ride
When you left I cried
Our life slipped from our grasp
But I know, I tried

We planned out what we’d do
Made it all come true
At the height of our love
I no longer suited you

Now you’re there, and I’m here
Our parted dreams I fear
Have left me with a table for two
And a coffee cup of tears

~Eugenio Saenz Jr., Coffee Cup of Dreams (First Draft)
Note: I don’t usually rhyme, but sometimes thoughts fall to paper so quickly they can’t be dismissed.