Tank 17012

Arch framed Milky Way,
Lips trembling echoed my name,
Searching in darkness,
You reached for my graveled hand,
And constellations merged
~Eugenio Saenz Jr.


Let Us Live, A Poem

Let go motionless land,
Cities and streets,
Let me find a coast,
Welcoming sea,

Let me wave bye,
To mountain peaks,
Grasslands wave farewell,
Perilous material bonds,

Let me explore,
Wander out beyond tides,
Visiting coastal ports,
Giving in to undercurrents,

Come with me siren, let stars deploy our journey,
Let us live out days in joyous arms of you and me

Let Us Live, Eugenio Saenz Jr.

Heaven and Angels

We have to imagine,
There are roads leading to heaven,
Extremities we’d explore
To view worlds hidden from angels,

The tales are unknown
Most would never speak of
Words that amount to nothing
Lies that tell the truth

It’s not for the few
These dreams we reach out for,
With our empty buckets
Of peeling paint and pastel flakes

Waiting for the drops
To wake us from ourselves
Like burning planets
You fueled with your distance

~ Heaven and Angels, Eugenio Saenz Jr.