Tanka 18016

I was a filled cup,
Caffeinated love and hope,
On your arrival,
I was high for a moment,
And crashed when you departed
~ Eugenio Saenz Jr.


Haiku 16460

Our lives lose meaning,
When we place hate at the front,
Arrive with your heart ~ Eugenio Saenz Jr.

Haiku 16457

“Haiku 16457”
Wherever you are,
Wherever travels take you,
My love follows you
~ Eugenio Saenz Jr.
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Coffee Cup Of Dreams

Oceans reflect the skies
Our faces in our eyes
You in my heart
But me in yours, dies

Life’s carousel we ride
When you left I cried
Our life slipped from our grasp
But I know, I tried

We planned out what we’d do
Made it all come true
At the height of our love
I no longer suited you

Now you’re there, and I’m here
Our parted dreams I fear
Have left me with a table for two
And a coffee cup of tears

~Eugenio Saenz Jr., Coffee Cup of Dreams (First Draft)
Note: I don’t usually rhyme, but sometimes thoughts fall to paper so quickly they can’t be dismissed.