You frown upon my comment I miss you
So I hide my admiration inside

Not wanting to sound weak or desperate
On the bed I say to myself goodnight
In the morning I wake reaching my phone
Pressed the home button no message in sight

I make my breakfast and the day goes by
Thinking of what I didn’t say has died

Oh my love how I have been here for you
Waiting for your soul to meet me halfway

I lie in bed floating above red bedsheets
Awaiting your text and what you may say .
~ Eugenio Saenz Jr. ,
September 22, 2017, Friday 6:21pm
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She blooms
Once a year
Between winter and spring
By summer a memory
Through the holidays
She sleeps
And he waits
The buds, her beauty
~ Eugenio Saenz Jr., Blooms

Send Love My Way for iBooks by Eugenio Saenz Jr

Send Love My Way by Eugenio Saenz Jr


Hidden memory
A souvenir
Beige laced
With charcoal

Did you tuck it before
We tumbled and tossed
When we washed each other
Between shoulder and nape,
Hip and waist,
They must’ve been forgotten
Between happiness and confusion,
Arguments without resolution,

Snagged inside
Where I lie my head each night
Voodoo smoke dreams
Remembering how they clung
And hung from hillside slopes
Barely visible
Within valleys
When it was excavated
And your delicate fingers requested
And placed them
In a pillow case
~ Eugenio Saenz Jr.