Haiku 17217

Haiku 17214
Of all things you left,
Empty shell of wooden planks
Trains and dogs howling
~ Eugenio Saenz Jr.



I pause curbside,
Listen to a story of loss,
Being told on the radio,
I shutter my eyelids,
To stop tears,
I think why,
Is it the story,
Or me being emotional,
Over something simple,
I can’t recall,
But remember it was loneliness,
That filled me, but why,
I’m a Lone Wolf,
Longing for a mate,
But not just anyone,
I’ve longed for you,
Black waves of hair,
Skin layered bronze,
Accentuated curves,
Prominent nose,
Calm ocean cheeks,
Cleopatra eyes,
And a mind that dazzles imagination,
With exploration and dreams,

But again I ask why the tears over a story I can’t recall,
Maybe it’s because of the one thing you said I do recall,
“I’m the best you ever had.”

~ Recall, Eugenio Saenz Jr.

Under You, a poem

Under You
By Eugenio Saenz

I could not sleep tonight
So I gathered myself out
Sauntering dizzily beneath the impalpable sky
I drew between a melange of stars
The indissoluble lines to guide my count
Pensive and silent to myself
So that I may be able to hear the warbling of your beauty
And fall in billowy drowse under you