Happy Thanksgiving 

There are many days to be thankful, but Thanksgiving is set aside especially for that purpose. To give recognition to those closest to us and those we still do not know.

To give thanks to God for always being there for us, watching over, guiding, and giving us the light we need in life to see in its absence.

We give thanks, remembrance, and peace to those who’ve come and gone in our lives. They will never be forgotten. We hold them in our hearts keeping their presence.

We give thanks for the wisdom we need to tread gently over sand and stone, that we may feel each one, and pass on experiences, good and bad, so it may help others in their journey.

We give thanks for our children, for their beauty, inside and out, may they have a life filled with wonders. That they may be safe and find happiness and love in all they do.

We ask that soldiers unable to be with their families, have peace. We ask for those suffering around the world to open their hearts so they may see past their pain, and breathe life.

We offer thanks for the food that lies before us, this body of Earth we live on and the people, from farm to table, that have provided us with a moment to come together.

~ Eugenio Saenz Jr.


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