Tanka 18011

Colorful buildings,
Dining with rose in a vase,
Eyes on the waiter,
Ordering fancy tacos,
What is it you want from me
~ Eugenio Saenz Jr.


Haiku 18002

You text me last night,
To say you’d be on your way,
But not to see me

You’re a clever girl,
Beautiful but dangerous,
A breaker of hearts

I felt love for you,
And followed you endlessly,
Paths I could not see

Because I trusted,
That you would never leave me,
And now you come back

Maybe you’ll show me,
How you changed over the years,
Blinding appearances

I don’t think I’ll fall,
For you, as I did before,
I’ve closed the shutters

To my heart and soul,
Take care from her careless love,
She’ll burn it crimson

~ Eugenio Saenz Jr.